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Running a construction company for 35 years has taught us a thing or two.As a company, we strive to build high quality and affordable homes for our clients, and doing so as efficiently as we can.

In order to grow as a company, it is important for us to sit down and reflect on our past projects every once in a while. What went well? What could have worked better, more efficient?

It has become very clear to us, that the most efficient builds are those, where the contractor is involved in the project’s design process.

Traditionally, the architect or engineer draws the plans for a project, which the contractor will then use for the build. Under this form of project delivery, it is not uncommon, that the plans and information provided by the project designer are not sufficient to actually bid and build the project. Having to redraw or change the plans at this stage causes time delays and adds to the costs.

When designer, builder and owner communicate and work together from the beginning of the project as a design-build entity, mistakes can be detected early on and therefore avoided. A foundation of trust, teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving will avoid costly mistakes, while the owner saves money and time.