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We love hearing the homeowner’s stories once they are into their new homes and we thought you might as well.

Who lives in this home?

2 humans, 1 dog and 2 cats

What was the inspiration behind your new home?

Retirement and changing our lifestyle

Why did you choose to build a custom home?

We wanted to have a home that was suited to our needs. As well we wanted to have property around us.

What was the highlight of this build for you?

Moving in on December 24, 2016. All the guys helped us move

What were some challenges you had with this build?

There were relatively few challenges. There were a couple of delays that held a few things up but all-in-all it went well

Why did you choose Pickard Construction to build your home?

Charlie is well recognized in the area for building well built homes. We didn’t know many people in the area at the time but numerous people recommended him to us.

What is your favourite feature in the home?

The back deck with the timber frame. We love to sit out on the deck during the day and enjoying the landscape.

Which part of the house do you receive the most comments on?

Hard to say: the laundry room, the kitchen, the great room. I think though the most comment come from the back deck and the workmanship of the timber frame.