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Pickard Construction Ltd.
Commercial Construction
Parksville & Qualicum Beach

What sets Pickard Construction Ltd. apart for your next commercial project?

Pickard Construction Ltd., headquartered on Vancouver Island, proudly serves the commercial construction needs of Parksville and Qualicum Beach, BC areas, boasting over 40 years of industry experience.

A hallmark of Pickard Construction is its unwavering commitment to attention to detail, ensuring that each project aligns with industry standards while navigating the unique challenges presented by the coastal environment. The company’s longevity and local understanding make it a reliable and experienced player in the construction scene.

Businesses in Parksville and Qualicum Beach choose Pickard Construction for its hands-on and detail-oriented approach. The company prioritizes practicality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal in every project, reflecting its dedication to delivering builds of the highest quality.

Pickard Construction’s diverse portfolio showcases successfully completed projects, ranging from modern office spaces to contemporary retail establishments. The company’s adaptability is evident in its ability to tackle various commercial construction challenges, earning the trust of local businesses over the years.

In essence, Pickard Construction Ltd. stands as a steadfast and experienced partner for businesses in Parksville and Qualicum Beach. Its enduring presence and commitment to excellence make it a trusted choice in the local construction landscape. As businesses seek quality commercial construction services on Vancouver Island, Pickard Construction Ltd. remains a go-to option, combining decades of experience with a hands-on approach to deliver projects that not only meet industry standards but also surpass client expectations.


Pickard Construction Ltd.

In- Slab Heating | Earthbank

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Welcome to Our New Website!

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Pickard Construction Ltd.

Spring Projects

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Pickard Construction Ltd. Horse Barn

Countryside Projects | A Custom Horse Barn

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Pickard Construction Ltd. North Qualicum

Checking Out the Bones | North Qualicum Custom Build

A few days ago, we got the drone up in the air to take a picture of our current North…
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